Who are we? Where do we go? Where do we come from? Are we aliens?

Our group was formed purely by chance after an encounter meeting at an event, themed LEGO® of course. It was far away 2012, in Jesolo, that's just it! "Abroad" to find Trentino's native lovers of LEGO®.
Thanks to that chance meeting we discovered to share the same passion as well as geographical proximity.
¬†Could we miss such an opportunity? So we had the desire to create a group that would give us the opportunity to talk about our beloved LEGO® bricks with
people in the flesh and not just by pc, to take counsel, to share ideas, to show our own creations.
The group had alternate moments, falls and grows in number, while remaining within the province.
ow we are a group of friends trying to raise awareness in our country on passion that unites us, showing our creations and giving to children the opportunity to have fun and discover new ways to build.

Our goal?
Make known to most people as possible the opportunity for socialization offered by this wonderful game, through exhibitions of MOC, dioramas of every type and kind and, most importantly, give the opportunity to children to showcase their construction skills, both with a play area specially set up both with the organization of events dedicated to children.

Why aliens?
Have you ever observed how people look at an adult playing with LEGO® bricks?
Take a good look and then tell us if they do not consider us aliens .....